Our Stories

Meet Eva

Even with the addition of education, Eva's family struggled financially. Her brother assumed most of the financial burden while Eva, who now worked as a teacher, contributed where she could.  

Meet Mariam

A trailblazer, Mariam taught her schools the importance of accessibility and equity. Whether a student was temporarily disabled by injury or a fellow Person with a Disability.

Meet Serah

"I am forever indebted to NextStep Foundation. You have empowered me through opportunity. Thankyou for supporting and giving skills to me." 

Meet Becky

"I am passionate about the opportunity to impact the lives of Women with Disabilities in technology and Next Step Foundation has made my entire dream a reality!”

Meet Shamte

“This knowledge we could not get anywhere else and for free. I want to tell the people of Tanga not to hesitate to join NextStep Foundation training that are provided.”

Meet Ephantus

"Next Step Foundation is my destiny connector. They not only helped me with my intern application process but also walked with me in my journey to career success."