Meet Eva


Eva John Nondo   

AWS Cloud Solutions Architect  

Eva, the youngest of seven children, was born in Tanga, rural Tanzania. Her academic journey began in the same town as she progressed from primary school to earning her advanced-level degree in public administration at the University of Dodoma in July 2022.  

Her life in remote Tanzania, however, had many challenges. When she was ten years old Eva’s mother passed away, leaving her to be cared for by her father and sister, neither of whom had stable incomes. Originally from Zambia, the family found work as labourers on the north coast of Tanzania, cutting stones to earn a living.  

Due to her mother’s loss, Eva’s childhood offered much love yet lacked consistent financial support. Occasionally compelled to rely on the generosity of family, friends and neighbours, Eva vowed not to be confined to the exhausting life of stone-cutting and to do whatever she could to increase her family’s standard of living. Despite the hardships, and with the support of their father, three of the siblings, including Eva, managed to pursue higher education.  

Even with the addition of education, Eva’s family struggled financially. Her brother assumed most of the financial burden while Eva, who now worked as a teacher, contributed where she could.  

Eva remained undaunted.  She was committed to acquiring new skills so she could create the financial future for the family she dreamed of as a child. The next step in her learning journey occurred when she trained to become a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner with Next Step Foundation immediately after graduating from University. 

Eva, one of the few women in the Tanga region who completed the AWS Cloud Solutions Architect certification, now designs and implements custom solutions for complex business problems, selecting and integrating technologies to meet organizational needs.   

Most recently, she and her team created a cloud infrastructure for a medical application in partnership with a hospital in Tanga City. To Eva the app. is not only a work project– it is a life-altering creation for individuals just like her and her family. The new platform will break down barriers to accessing medical services and highlight the transformative potential of technology in formulating accessible healthcare.  

Inspired by the kindness and support she has received, Eva is committed to becoming a community resource. She envisions using her vast array of experiences to support other girls of Tanga in their educational journeys.  

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