Our Why



At Next Step Foundation we are a global and diverse Team. We believe embracing the core value of inclusivity means all members of our Team and all Partners and Beneficiaries feel equally seen, heard, represented, welcome, respected and valued.



At Next Step Foundation we define integrity as holding ourselves accountable, accepting responsibility, and being willing to acknowledge and accept the consequences of our actions.  Our Team demonstrates high moral and ethical principles in and out of the workplace. We ‘do the right thing’ even when no one is watching.

At NSF we believe integrity is the foundation upon which we build relationships with each other, Partners and Beneficiaries.


At Next Step Foundation we turn barriers into opportunities and ideas into creative solutions.


For our Team ‘innovation in action’ is exemplified by consistently challenging how we think as a global group and as individuals. We strive for continuous growth so we are capable of making an impact and changing lives.

We approach the work we do with an innovative mindset. We encourage new ideas and create an environment where it’s ok to fail and less OK to stagnate or accept complacency.

We view long held assumptions and ask: …BUT WHY?