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Your Life at Next Step Foundation

At Next Step Foundation, you will empower marginalized communities — women, youth, and Persons with Disabilities — towards sustainable livelihoods and economic independence.

Embrace a global, inclusive community where everyone’s
voice will be valued and  respected. Integrity will guide your actions, nurturing accountability and ethical behavior. Here, innovation will thrive as you challenge norms, encourage fresh perspectives, and contribute to a culture of continuous growth.

Your contributions will fuel meaningful change, offering
you the chance to discover purpose, community, and a
culture of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity.

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Our global and diverse team embraces inclusivity, ensuring that every member, partner, and  beneficiary feels represented and valued.
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Embracing an innovative mindset, we cultivate an environment where new ideas are encouraged, failures are seen as learning pportunities, and complacency is discouraged.
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Upholding high moral and ethical
standards, we prioritize doing the
right thing, whether in or out of the workplace.

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Head of Programs

Nairobi, Kenya

Provide support to the Executive Director on strategy, planning, budgeting, and programming. Click “Learn More” to download a PDF with more information.

Deadline: 26th February 2024