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“Next Step Foundation is my destiny connector. They not only helped me with my intern application process they continue to walk alongside me in my journey to career success.”  


Kagwi is living his lifelong dream as a Network Engineer intern at Safaricom PLC., the largest telecommunications company in East and Central Africa, he has aspired to this work from the moment he became aware of its existence.   

Kagwi strives to garner as much experience as possible as he is determined to become a respected expert in his field. He is particularly appreciative of the holistic environment of Safaricom as he is now unwavering in his belief he can, with time, become the next prominent Network Engineer.   

Kagwi’s childhood was quite typical until he transitioned to college in September 2017. It was then life as he knew it dramatically changed with Meningitis, an infection/inflammation of the fluid and membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. What began with his headaches progressed rapidly and Kagwi soon found himself unable to walk. As the disease ravaged his body he also became unable to use his hands to perform simple, daily tasks such as eating and essential self-care.   

Thanks to the intervention of doctors and the support of physical therapy, Kagwi slowly began to recover movement lost to Meningitis. He regained some use of his hands and legs but the disease still left him disabled.  

Not only was he now a Person with a Disability and all the accompanying obstacles of daily life (ranging from navigating self-care to overcoming physical barriers at school) he discovered an unexpected struggle as well: his social life.   

His parents, always believing in his ability to be resilient, encouraged Kagwi to persevere. 

Bolstered by his parents’ deep faith in his potential, Kagwi rediscovered his old self and embraced his new reality.  

As Kagwi nears completion of his schooling, he is confident he will be a changemaker. Thanks to the support of Next Step Foundation through the Employability training, soft skills training and job placement at Safaricom, he now also believes in his ability to become wholly economically independent.   


His face lights up as he talks of inspiring other youths and Persons with Disabilities to realize anything is achievable when you put your best efforts forward. 

“It is a good feeling knowing there are caring people like the NSF Team working hard to lift up others. Thank you for all you do in ensuring women, youth, and Persons with Disabilities are empowered!” 

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