Digital Accessibility Africa 2023

Collaborative efforts at the

Inclusive Africa Conference for Disability Inclusion

“For most people, technology makes life easier. For persons with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” – Hon. Harriette Chiggai 

In a fast-paced world with an ever-evolving technology space, it’s crucial that someone takes the initiative to ensure that Persons with Disabilities are not left behind. 

A group of passionate individuals committed to making Africa more inclusive came together in Nairobi for the third annual Inclusive Africa Conference organized by inABLE. 

Since its inception in 2020, the Inclusive Africa Conference has been dedicated to promoting the advancement of digital accessibility and assistive technology for Persons with Disabilities in Africa. 

The conference, which has experienced tremendous growth, provides a platform for disability and accessibility experts, individuals with lived disability experiences, policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, and others to share their knowledge and create awareness about the importance of inclusion across the continent. 

“The growth of the conference since last year has been impressive. The Assistive Technology Village was a fantastic addition, showcasing Africa-based solutions for accessibility,” shares Chris Harrison, Executive Chairman of Next Step Foundation. “The programs were highly informative, and the conference was well-run and well-attended. I am eagerly looking forward to inABLE’s plans for next year’s event.” 

The conference featured discussions, presentations, and interactive panels with a focus on the employment of Persons with Disabilities, HR practices, educational innovations, and assistive technology in the workplace. 

“There were thought-provoking sessions covering various aspects of disability inclusion, including employment, transportation, education, and technology, among others,” explains Peres Were, Executive Director of Next Step Foundation. “I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with people from different countries and exchange ideas on how we can collaborate to enhance disability inclusion in Africa.” 

Supported in part by Mastercard Foundation, Microsoft, and Google, the vibrant discussions and engaging workshops at Inclusive Africa 2023 have sparked numerous conversations within Next Step Foundation’s team, leaving us eagerly anticipating our participation and contributions at inABLE’s event in 2024. 

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