New Partnership Announcement: Gebeya 

Next Step Foundation and Gebeya Partner to Empower Persons with Disabilities through Digital Skills Training and Global Job Opportunities  Nairobi, March 26– Next Step Foundation (NSF), a leading organization dedicated to empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), today announced a partnership with Gebeya, the Pan-African Talent Cloud technology company, aimed at improving the employment landscape for […]

AI + AT = ?

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities?  Across Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, Persons with Disabilities are 2.3 times more likely to be unemployed than people without disability. Among the many factors that contribute to this disparity is the lack of assistive technologies. (In East Africa, where Next Step […]

Roughnecks in the Machine 

Data Annotators are the Roughnecks of AI  Then  Now  Staff of Juma work on computers at the office in Lagos, Nigeria, on January 20, 2020. Picture taken January 20, 2020. REUTERS/Temilade Adelaja  As I noted in a recent post, in 2017, The Economist magazine said “data” was the oil of the digital era. If that […]

Responsible AI in Africa Requires DATA 

“There is inherent power and control in datasets.”  Whether AI is or will be “ethical” or “responsible” is the subject of much conjecture and debate, but most of that discussion has centred around the Global North. Far less attention is paid to how AI will affect the economies (and cultures) of countries in Africa. A […]

Disability Integration into the Workplace

Disability Integration into the Workplace – How to Cope and Thrive  With today’s workforce becoming increasingly diverse, inclusion is essential to creating a productive and fair work environment, not merely a passing trend. However, individuals with disabilities often encounter additional challenges when adjusting to work, particularly in their interactions with non-disabled colleagues.   While diversity undoubtedly […]

Upili’s Vision for Students with Disabilities

Next Step Foundation’s Upili Program’s Vision for Students with Disabilities in Kenya  “Emerging from a special secondary school in Thika, Kenya, my journey was one of resilience and self-acceptance as a Kenyan Woman with a Disability. While I emerged empowered, I recognized the disparity in opportunities. Not every student with a disability shares my fortune. […]

Cultivating a Workplace Culture  

Cultivating Thriving and Inclusive Workplace Culture Creating an inclusive workplace culture is a continuous journey that requires commitment and resources. Our recent webinar, led by our Head of People, Allan Maonga explored the vital elements of fostering an inclusive environment where every team member feels valued and supported. Let’s delve into the key insights from […]

NSF Launches its Training Platform

Next Step Foundation Launches Nikkoworkx Data Annotation Training Platform to Empower Persons with Disabilities and Marginalized Communities   Next Step Foundation (NSF), a global organization committed to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and digital technology for social impact, is proud to announce the launch of the Nikkoworkx Data Annotation Training Platform. Nikkoworkx, derived from Swahili […]

Empowering African Youth

Empowering African Youth for a Sustainable Future   Undoubtedly, the recent epidemic had a profound impact on the world, bringing socioeconomic progress to a standstill in every country. All age groups were equally affected by this existential crisis, but it was the younger generation that bore the majority of its consequences, suffering the most in the […]

Driving Sustainable Philanthropy

Insights from the 8th East Africa Philanthropy Conference I had the incredible opportunity to attend the 8th East Africa Philanthropy Conference in Zanzibar, which was hosted by the East Africa Philanthropy Network of which we are proud members. With the theme of System Transformation: Catalyzing Collective Action, the conference aimed to inspire actionable change and […]