NSF Launches its Training Platform

Next Step Foundation Launches Nikkoworkx Data Annotation Training Platform to Empower Persons with Disabilities and Marginalized Communities  

Next Step Foundation (NSF), a global organization committed to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and digital technology for social impact, is proud to announce the launch of the Nikkoworkx Data Annotation Training Platform. Nikkoworkx, derived from Swahili slang meaning “I’m hustling,” offers a comprehensive training tool to teach participants a wide range of data annotation tasks, including bounding boxes, polygons, and natural language processing. These skills are pivotal in enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning applications like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Tesla’s autonomous driving mode.  

Addressing a Growing Market  

According to market research, the global data annotation market is projected to reach $57.63 billion by 2030, necessitating thousands of qualified data annotators. Many data annotation tasks can be performed remotely, creating excellent employment opportunities, especially for Persons with Disabilities in Africa.  

Collaboration and Support  

PixelFundi LLC spearheaded the development of the Nikkoworkx platform, with essential support from Shortlist, a Kenyan company specializing in executive search and youth employment. The Nikkoworkx training platform aligns with Shortlist’s “Accelerating the Rise of Cloud Work in Kenya” program, funded by the Dutch Government’s Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE).  

Empowering Individuals for a Brighter Future  

“Next Step Foundation believes that meaningful employment is the most cost-effective way to reduce the poverty of children, youth, and adults with disabilities, their families, and their communities,” stated Peres Were, Executive Director, Next Step Foundation. “Our Nikkoworkx training platform will empower Persons with Disabilities and individuals from marginalized communities to gain the skills required to participate meaningfully in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”  

Supporting Kenya’s Digital Workforce  

“Kenyans are well positioned to exploit the growth in remote cloud-enabled work. Next Step Foundation’s Nikkoworkx platform will upskill Kenyans to participate in this rapidly growing market and support Shortlist’s goal of placing thousands of Kenyans in digital jobs,” added Austen Stranahan, Chief Operating Officer, Shortlist. “Shortlist is proud to support Next Step Foundation’s efforts to enable Persons with Disabilities to obtain meaningful employment.”  

About Next Step Foundation  

Next Step Foundation (NSF) is a global organization dedicated to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and digital technology to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges. NSF’s primary focus is on promoting economic inclusion in Africa by creating digital employment opportunities for underprivileged communities, particularly on women, the long-term unemployed, and Persons with Disabilities. NSF actively collaborates with partners on projects that leverage the power of AI to provide innovative solutions in critical areas such as healthcare, financial inclusion, education, youth employability, and assistive technologies for Persons with Disabilities. By merging technology and social impact, NSF is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need, driving progress toward a brighter and more equitable future.  

About Shortlist Futures  

Shortlist Futures designs and implements large-scale talent programs across Africa, focused on youth and entry-level jobs in the digital economy. In partnership with donors, governments, enterprises, and educational institutions, Shortlist Futures provides on-the-job work experience and promotes inclusive hiring to unlock growth for the digital economy. By equipping young professionals with the skills, experience, and workforce tools they need for careers in the digital economy, Shortlist Futures seeks to enable the development of a more sustainable and equitable future.  

For more information, contact:  

Bethsalel Wauna  

Communications, Next Step Foundation 


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